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How to eliminate Ants from eating Cat and Dog food!

Matthew Mills shows you how to combat and live with ants on your home and property.

Fool-A-Bug, the ant-free pet bowl

Keep Ants Out Of Pet Food 3 Simple Ways

We love our pets, but warm weather can bring ants right to their dish.

Ant Season is Coming "Are you Ready" ant free pet bowl

Got Ants, Got Pets How to keep ants out of your Cat's food bowl, How to prevent ants from getting in your dog's bowl.

Free finally of Ants - Ants in Pet Food - fool a Bug

ant proof pet bowl for you dogs or cats, if your having problems with ants in your pet's food or water bowl you need to try this amazing product.

Top 10 Best Pet Food Containers -

While most dogs aren’t likely to be too bothered by this, cats and some small animals may turn their noses up at stale food. Open containers of pet food are beacons to pests of all kinds — it’s not uncommon to see a line of little black ants form to whichever cupboard your dog food is. Source:


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Ant Proof Bowl

The Mote ant proof pet bowl protects your pets food from ants.

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