Dog Bowl Lid

The SureFeed Sealed Pet Bowl from SureFlap

com The SureFeed Sealed Pet Bowl is the next generation of pet bowl.

Stunning Dog Bowl with Lid

The SureFeed Microchip Pet Feeder from SureFlap

Using your pet's existing microchip or SureFlap RFID collar tag, the SureFeed Microchip Pet Feeder will only.

Automatic Lid Pet Dish - Auto Dish -

The Auto Dish is a dog food bowl with an automatically-opening lid that opens when the pet approaches and closes when the pet leaves.

Coffee Cup Lid Dog Bowl 23sec video with Missy Reed by Monty K Reed

Most coffee cups lids make great dog bowls when you are on the go. Some have a small hole that you will need to seal with gum or tape.

stella dogs moblog baddog rune omfgz
what I found when I came home from work. all I can do is laugh. They aren't hurt. The floor....well, I'm glad it's a rental.
Photo by miz_ginevra on Flickr
dog hot cooking window solar oven shade cooker funnel windowshade carshade
Solar hot dog cooker
This is a solar cooking bowl I put together for cooking hot dogs, chicken nuggets and other foods that don't produce a lot of liquid. The universal lid has a glass window so that I can see how things are cooking...
Photo by EBKauai on Flickr
Checking to see if I cleaned under the rim
(Baby mouse or rat? Not that it makes a heck of a lot of difference!) One year after a particularyly long seige of wet and rainy weather, the storm drains backed up into the sewer system and we rescued four baby rats...


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Over 50 unique dog bowls available in all colors and sizes.

Dog bowl - Road Refresher - the non-spill pet travel bowl

"A fantastic dog bowl. The Road Refresher is genuinely unspillable no matter what you do." Tessa, Milford, Surrey, UK

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Dog bowl reviews, great buying choices and advice on picking the best dog bowls for Labs.

10 Creative DIY dog bowl ideas for your pet - Homedit

This dog bowl holder is made of a wooden crate. It’s a practical project because you’ll have a stable structure to hold the food and water bowls and your dog won ...

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