My Dog Paws Blankets

How To Stop My Dog Chewing Things

How To Stop My Dog Chewing Things.

Pet Fleece Blanket for Cats and Dogs Paw Print Review

Pet Fleece Blanket for Cats and Dogs Paw Print Review.

My dog playen with my feet under the blanket

My dog is retarded.

DIY DOG SWEATER! | Make Thrift Buy #41

It's im-paws-ible not to love a hot-dog in a sweater.

My Dog Attacking My Feet

My dog hates when my feet are under the blanket, so he attacks them.

dog beagle sophie yawn derp
My dog is awesome. Lazy as hell, but awesome.
Me: "Aww...she looks so sweet laying there on her back with her paws on the blanket. Let me take a photo!" Sophie: *yawn* Adopt a dog, y'all. We got Sophie when she was a year and a half and she couldn't...
Photo by bluemasonjars on Flickr
sleeping dog chien selfportrait me self frank hound canine tony dachshund perro hund nighttime mybed wienerdog dackel teckel k9 jimmydean doxie sausagedog tobyotter i aplaceforportraits pointyfaceddog
Crowded Pillow
I have to fake I am asleep or Jimmy Dean will start licking my face and Frank will paw at me to scratch his head or belly. They stay like this for about 20 to 30 minutes and then Frank retires to the left side of the...
Photo by Tobyotter on Flickr
dog chien pet hound canine dachshund perro hund paws wienerdog dackel teckel k9 jimmydean doxie sausagedog dogpaws dogfeet aplaceforportraits pointyfaceddog
Peeking Feet
I guess Jimmy Dean's feet were getting hot, he stuck them out from under the blanket for a while.
Photo by Tobyotter on Flickr


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