Dog Paws Blankets

Dog does its best to cover baby's foot with blanket

This sweet dog doesn't want the new baby to get cold, so it does everything it can to get the blanket over the baby's uncovered foot.

10 Strange Dog Behaviors Explained

Here are 10 strange dog behaviors explained Dogs are lovable, loyal companions, but it's hard to deny that they do some pretty weird stuff from time to time.

Pet Fleece Blanket for Cats and Dogs Paw Print Review

Pet Fleece Blanket for Cats and Dogs Paw Print Review.

BuyinCoins - Cute Pattern Pet Warm Paw Print Dog Puppy Fleece Soft Blanket Mat Multi-size

Producto comprado en BuyinCoins.

Roll up in a blanket - cute dog trick - clicker dog training

com This is a tutorial on how to train your dog to roll up in a blanket.

boxer ears paw bed curled eyes brindl brown black white tan blanket sad nose whiskers pet
Beautiful Betty the Boxer
Photo by Winniepix on Flickr
dog chihuahua black silly cute digital canon mississippi puppy rebel mutt mix pastel flash adorable ears couch spots oxford blanket squint daisy bone paws collar pooch minpin nylabone squinter xti pointyfaceddogs
Daisy doing what she does best...sitting. She's starting to catch on that the camera usually = flash. This time she squinted in advance. Right now she's asleep on the bed. She has no idea her cousin-dog is coming...
Photo by lucianvenutian on Flickr
winter orange face cat warm soft nirvana sleep adorable blanket paws sweetness trance jeoffry electricblanket
Photo by romana klee on Flickr


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