Dog Under Basket

dog under basket LOL!!

funny as crap dog put under basket.

Stupid Dog stuck under laundry basket

He's bigger than the basket lol.

Dog spinning round under basket

Our dog doing his thing with his basket.

Dog under a basket

This is Ollie he is freeing himself from the clothes basket that we put him under, no brown dogs were hurt or injured nor were there feelings hurt.

Dog under basket lol

via YouTube Capture.

sleeping dog basket lola tired
Dog tired
Horncastle, Lincolnshire. Sunday, 12 August, 2012
Photo by Paul Stainthorp on Flickr
poodle-bob in a basket
my new wastebasket, bob didn't really like being confined to it. lol
Photo by Rusty Clark ~ 100K Photos on Flickr
Reichenau 2013 000157
Photo by otello11 on Flickr


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