Dog Head Basket

Basket Monster Head vs. PETEY Weedy the Dog!

We thought this was hilarious.

Win Games Using This Baseline Out of Bounds Play! - Basketball 2015 #52

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Dog's head caught in basket

Our big dumb dog, Aky, really loving her rawhide.

Kuroko No Basket SEASON 2 EPISODE 3 "funny scenes!!!"

The most funny and adorable moments of K. N. B. Ep. 3 are here and they are so awsome, we can't stop yelling moeeeee.

A Dog With A Basket on It Head

A Dog With A Basket on It Head veryy funny.

London - dog face
This dude was sitting under a table with his head in the basket freaking the kids out everytime they got close...priceless british humour :-)
Photo by gabriella szekely on Flickr
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View from Barnburgh Crags
Photo by walkingthepeak on Flickr
dog dogs
Westies ... after a night on my pillow Alice wakes up - it's a dog's life!
She always starts out sleeping under the bed in her basket, but ... every night at around 2 o' clock she asks to come on the bed and sleeps on the pillow behind my head. Quite normal really! See also -...
Photo by bazzadarambler on Flickr


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