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Canned Food.

Dog Food Testing - Just What IS in Canned Dog Food?

Video autopsy of a Premium Brand and Mid Premium Brand commercial canned dog foods.

Dog eats canned food View from bowl - Emporium Vet

Dolce is having canned food today.


We ran out of canned dog food, so I had to improvise.

riley's first time eating canned dog food

bear chris baby alpaca work cub edinburgh artist peach fabric mohair blended christie peddler upcoming imports blend the kotz schulte
New fur from Edinburgh...
I LOVE this new stuff. It's a blend of Alpaca and Mohair (so it looks fuzzy but doesn't get clumpy like pure alpaca. It's a rich brown with black tips, so as I trimmed away the tips on the muzzle, the brown shades...
Photo by thepeachpeddler on Flickr
bear wool glass nose cub miniature eyes artist bears peach merino fabric bonsai christie handsewn paws peddler embroidered 275 the imported beeswax kotz sassybear handshaded
{EXPLORED} Piccolo and Bonsai
"Can we keep him?" Piccolo (the larger bear - at 6 inches tall) was left behind when his adoption fell through... I didn't have the heart to re-list the little guy because I was getting attached. Piccolo...
Photo by thepeachpeddler on Flickr
dogs hunde chiens
Found this dog on the road in the village two days ago. I opened the door of my car and the dog jumped in. Rudi and Bach found him interesting. I thought, I've seen him before and drove to the street at which I...
Photo by stanzebla on Flickr


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