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riley's first time eating canned dog food

People Eating Dog Food Without Knowing — Freshpet

People react to being fed dog food without knowing beforehand.


Everything you need to know.

Dog eating yummy food

Video of my terrier mix fur baby enjoying his dinner of canned food mixed with kibble.

The Best and Worst Foods for Your Pet


The hidden environmental costs of dog and cat food - Washington Post

Needless to say, producing that meat — which requires more land, water and energy and pollutes more than plant-based food — creates a lot of greenhouse gases: as many as 64 million tons annually, or about the equivalent of driving more than 12... Source:

loss dairy calf weight porcelain
Dairy is often singled out as one of the ‘bad guys’ when it comes to the subject of excess weight. High levels of fat and lactose found in some dairy products have lead to the entire food group being demonized and...
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Meet Nanny Goat, Spokes Goat for the Nutritionally Challenged
Nanny Goat has spent many long years at Rikki's Refuge. She says they feel even longer, since she is fed a woefully inadequate diet. She continues to insist, that if I will allow her to use my computer to do some...
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Jack tried to intervene
"Vincent, listen up, you need to think this thru. If Kerry isn't working to buy us food who's going to? You can't just haul her off. Maybe we should show our support and help her out. Maybe we should offer to...
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Complete details of the November 2015 Hill's Science Diet canned dog food market withdrawal as reported by the editors of the Dog Food Advisor

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Canned Dog Food Wysong canned diets are designed to provide variety No dog food should be fed exclusively - regardless of "100% Complete" claims.

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